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Vapourizer Use Rises with Marijuana`s Mainstreaming

With marijuana becoming legal in many states in the United States, and with the pending legalization in Canada, marijuana use is on the rise. Many people these days are opting for healthier methods of consuming marijuana, besides the traditional method of smoking it. Vapourizing is becoming an increasingly popular method of consuming the active ingredient in cannabis, THC. Why are

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Wedding Food Offerings: Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Menu

One of the most challenging parts of picking your wedding menu is pleasing everyone’s palate. With hundreds of people with various tastes, this can be nearly impossible. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some additional thought and preparation. While you hope you get 5 star service and taste, ensuring that there is enough and everyone gets served promptly can

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Easy Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Weddings are meant to be personal and meaningful for the people involved. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive and stressful to organise. However, if you don’t fancy starting your married life bankrupt and stressed out why not use these easy suggestions on how to add little personalisation to your most special day without breaking the bank. Pick your favourite foods

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Holiday driving: Top safety tips before hitting the road

As December kicks in, more and more people will be headed to various holiday destinations. While this is usually the happiest time of the year, a number of tragic incidents are recorded in the northern hemisphere, as various routes experience hazardous wintery conditions for driving. Staying safe should always be a priority, and before hitting the road here are some

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