Dating: How to Take Rejection Like a Man

When a man has to interact with a woman he likes, he tends to feel nervous around her. It is a natural feeling every guy has experienced and is normally considered not such a big deal. To some men however, this nervousness goes way further than that. These men are literally afraid of approaching and even talking to women they don’t know. They all have one problem in common: the fear of getting rejected.

For some guys even the thought of getting rejected by a woman is so negative and strong, that they would make up any kind of excuse not to meet new girls. They would even go out of their way to avoid this kind of scenarios. Should you fall into this category of men, know that rejection is only a problem if you make it one – it’s all in your mind. Never be afraid of it. If you are constantly thinking about getting rejected then you certainly will be.

Even guys who are successful with women get a negative response from women from time to time, they simply don’t care about it. In fact, you shouldn’t care about it either. Even if you get rejected by a woman, nothing bad will actually happen to you. She saying “no” to you is nothing personal and it shouldn’t be taken as such. The next time you approach or talk to a woman think about it this way: you are offering her an opportunity to meet you, if she rejects, it is her loss. Just forget her and move on – this is how the successful guys do it and how you should do it as well.

You simply have to make rejection a part of your life. Only if you manage do that, your fear of interacting with women will disappear and only then will you become successful with the opposite sex. Don’t be afraid of how women might react to your approaches, normally it’s never as bad as you think. Most of the times they will reject you as gently as possibly because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Only you can make rejection a bad thing. Just take it as a challenge and don’t think about it whenever you want to meet new girls. If you approach a woman with the mindset that there is no way she would reject you, she most likely won’t. And if you get rejected, so what? Take rejection like a man!

About the writer:

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