How To Write Your Own Personal Ad

Writing a personal ad is like writing a love letter, a poem dedicated to your future life partner. You’re essentially writing an ad seeking someone who could and would live the rest of their life loving you, for better or for worse. While there are no real secrets to writing a good personal ad, there are good personal ads, there are bad personal ads and then there are the smashing ones.

It’s a guess that you want to write a smashing personal ad that brings you people who are looking for you. you don’t want any “Tom, Dick and Harry” or “Mary, Jane and Barbie”. When writing your personal ad, your focus should be on finding someone who suits you and likes you for what you are. So, the number one rule about writing your own personal ad is to be as positive and honest as possible.

Remember, words mean very little in a personal ad. The most important thing about writing your own personal ad is that you should try, in every single way possible, to prove and show that you have whatever it is that you say you have. For instance, if you say you are a positive person with a healthy sense of humour, show it, write it that way. Don’t just say it because people reading your personal ad will try to read between the lines.

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