Smoking isn’t just to relax, it’s for getting off


You’ve had a stressful day, you step outside for your allotted break and light up a cigarette.  You smoke it, finish it, and put it out.  That’s all right?  Not any more!  Imagine instead, every puff you take, you blow the smoke into the face of a man on his knees.  And once a nice long ash has developed, the ash is then tapped out onto his dick.  And finally, when the cigarette is completely done, you put it out somewhere on his body; his tongue, his hand, or his dick.

You probably think I am crazy for even suggesting that any man would want that.  Well guess again!  Many men call my phone sex lines requesting a smoking fetish. A side note, since I mainly talking to men in my business as a phone sex operator, I do not know the popularity of this fetish among women.  That being said, because my company deals with a lot of domination and submission, there are a number of callers who love the idea of being humiliated by a beautiful woman and having smoke blown in their faces.

The most common is just that, smoke in one’s face, although along the same line and next popular would be having a woman blow smoke on their dick, most likely before a blow job.  The third and fourth pretty much go hand in hand with cock and ball torture, and that is to have the cigarette ashed out on their body and then put out on them as well.  As I stated before, most of the above has to do with submission, and I would surmise that because smoke in and of itself is considered harmful, you are in some ways putting your life in someone else’s hands by having them blow it in your face.  The pain of having a cigarette put out on your member, or having hot ashes put on your body falls into the same category as submission.

I am sure you are wondering the same thing I am whenever I do these types of calls: where do smoking fetishes derive from.  Every fetish comes from somewhere, there has to have been some event in a person’s life that led them to enjoy said fetish.  So, where this particular fetish comes from is a mystery to me!  All I know is that it seems to be an ever growing fetish!

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